10 reasons to apply to the “Safety for Journalists” Training School!

  1. Acquire in-depth knowledge and training on field safety topics regarding war reporting and sustainability in the field.
  2. Be part of a major forum where you will have the opportunity to share experiences with experts and listen to their true stories.
  3. Participate in a training organized by a network of prestigious international partners.
  4. Enter an adequately simulated environment that will test your skills and challenge your choice to become a war correspondent.
  5. Familiarize yourself with the crisis – conflict environment and the actors you are going to encounter in a true situation.
  6. Be part of a diverse international group of participants with relevant interests from all over the world
  7. Gain access to an active international academic and practitioner community dedicated to war and crisis reporting.
  8. Enhance your CV by adding relevant and prestigious sections to it.
  9. Develop understanding of the threats in a crisis – conflict environment, that will help you make the right choices.
  10. Have an unforgettable experience that will encompass you for a lifetime.
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